Ticketing Emotions Offers Once-in-a-Lifetime Sports Travel Experiences

With over 15 years of experience, we are experts in sport travels with a proven track record of excellent service delivery

Our Story - Why Us?

With over 15 years industry experience, our team first steps were focused on the market of Madrid city, Spain. At a later stage, in 2007, we expanded our target and focused at a national level in the whole Spain. Due to the fast growth of the business, in 2014 the company decided to create a spin-off called Ticketing Emotions which focuses on European and American markets. Not only pick up, management and delivery ticketing service were offered but others such accommodation, transfer, incentive and meeting events were added, leading us to make the Sport Agency division.

+15 years of experience

More than 15 years in the events and sport travel support industry. Our diversity of operations and products are unrivalled, while our passionate and dedicated team of experts ensure that our commitment to service excellence continues to set us apart.

Sport Trip Specialists

More than half of our client trips are related with sport events, and most of them do it with a package of Hotel+Assistant Delivery. Sport travel events are in our DNA.


Ticketing Emotions is constantly revising its products and services in order to guarantee the quality of the providers. We are in contact with our clients regularly and take their comments very seriously!


We are a one call away for all your travel needs. In addition, event attendees can get contact with us in our emergency phone number even the same day of the event. We leave everything well tied so there are no unforeseen.

+5.000 fans per seasson

A year, more than two hundred companies and agencies rely on us to to arrange a trip based on their needs, wishes and time available. The incidence rate below of 0,01% does not mean we should lower our guard but to keep improving

Good Rates

The constant increase in the number of our clients yearly allows us to be able to offer our customers very competitive rates. This is achieved due to the high-volume strategy of the company.


So reliable that it can be booked as a gift! The company has earned a big reputation as an effective and reliable company in the supply of sport services needs in Spain and all over the world.


No matter how big or far the event is, our system is designed to book sport trip support for individuals and groups. Quality and quantity must go hand in hand.. several months in advance or even the same day of the event, flexibility is one of our strenghts.

Our Team

Our people are our most precious resource. We are passionate about service and will always go the extra mile to make sure you get exactly what you want. We are always available to discuss how we can customize your sport travel package, upgrade your sport service support or add-on one-of-a-kind destination excursions. No matter where in the world you are, we are just a phone call away.

  • Hugo Bastida

    GENERAL MANAGER (+34)636-703-962. As General Manager, Hugo cares about the needs and interests of all his customers. Being the purchase and sales responsible, all you need is to contact him. How is possible that…

  • Sergio Carreño

    PRODUCT DIRECTOR (+34)651-919-333. Creative, decisive and adaptive professional. Always looking for new markets to offer to our clients combining the best hotels and experiences all over the world. You have been always very related…

  • José San Millán

    LOGISTICS MANAGER (+34)680-211-641. A dynamic hard working person who is enthusiastic, passionate and open minded. The key piece for the engine to work perfectly. A must in every company. Why were you attracted to…

  • Lima

    SECURITY MANAGER The-safety-and-security-employee is always a high priority in our company, therefore, Lima is the best candidate for this position. Since joining the team in 2015 her loyalty has always been unquestionable. Although she…

Our Achievements

A long and hard work has been necessary to achieve a good reputation and a strategic position in the market, offering distinguished services at a reasonable rates.

    Would you like to enjoy a special experience in an exclusive atmosphere? Now you can do it! Choose from a range of hospitality options with catering, soft drink or champagne and enjoy the most luxury services.
    A more economic option is also available. Regular categories range from the top of the complex venue (the most economic one) to the lowest area of the lateral longside with incredible views and environment.  
    Ticketing Emotions has official partner agreements with some of the best clubs in the world. Our sources are clubs, sponsors, official agencies and other companies. All witht he guarantee from the best suppliers.
    All orders are tracked by our customer service department so we can guarantee all tickets will be delivered in time for your event. To the Hotel, Hostel, AirBnb or in a pick-up address, all options are valid depending on the event.

Our Clients

Over the last decade we have worked with a wide variety of companies worldwide, leading us to have clients on the five continents.

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Ticketing Emotions - Sport Support Event Agency is the number one in sports packages in Spain, and one of the best reference in Europe.

With over than 15 years of experience, Sport events are our specialization to build up the best support tour package in almost every city on the world.

Our services are offered to more than five thousand clients every year, making us one of the best Agency focused on Services surrounding Sport Events all over the world.



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