For Mancunians born or based here, it is the best home in the world; for everyone else, it's a brilliant place to visit.
'This is Manchester, we do things differently here',

These words declared culture catalyst and Factory Records founder Tony Wilson in 1977. It was a ballsy statement, given that Manchester's musical renaissance hadn't yet happened, the football teams were mediocre and the city was mired in economic depression.

But bold statements and ironclad self-confidence have long been a thing in Manchester, the one-time engine room of the Industrial Revolution and a city that incubated communism, suffragism, vegetarianism and a bunch of other 'isms' aimed at improving humanity's lot. In the 21st century, invention, discovery and progress remain the driving forces of this remarkable place, which responded to a terrible act of terrorism in 2017 by doubling down on the tolerant and inclusive attitudes toward all those who've made it home.

Sport Attractions

Well-known for its world-famous football teams, Manchester has much more to offer in the sporting world. Starting with football, Manchester is home to two world-famous and iconic football teams; Manchester City and Manchester United.

Though a local rivalry exists, the two teams have propelled Manchester onto the global stage in world football. Manchester United are at home in Old Trafford, the largest club football stadium in the UK, whilst Manchester City occupy the recently expanded Etihad Stadium, which was originally built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games. With both clubs offering stadium and club tours, as well as unique match day experiences, a visit is a must for any sports fan visiting Manchester.

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