GP GREAT BRITAIN – Silverstone

The British Grand Prix has been on the Formula 1 calendar since 1950 and Silverstone Circuit is proud to be the oldest race in the Formula 1 World Championship. It almost lost the rights to another circuit in the late 2000s. but the Silverstone owners put an end to that concern by signing a new contract that ensured their place on the Formula 1 calendar. This race is regarded as one of the must-see events, as it has been in existence from the start. Over the years, the track layout has undergone many changes, most of them with the intention of reducing speed and increasing safety.

With a track that has been modified several times, the Silverstone circuit is a great place to watch the races live with a story that matches its atmosphere. There are many seats for you to choose from that will give you a great view and experience. Keep an eye out for magnificent views of the main straight when cars zoom in or find yourself in the middle of the action and hit the famous hairpin turns at Brooklands and Luffield. You can also choose the Ignition Club Grandstand and take in incredible views from six of Silverstone's most exciting corners. These corners are clearly visible from the grandstand and never leave you with a dull moment.

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