GP HUNGRY – Budapest

The Hungarian Grand Prix is ​​a speed motorsport race that takes place in Hungary. The first edition was held on June 21, 1936 on a circuit drawn up in a park near the center of Budapest. Wikipedia
Foundation: 1936
Last edition: 2020
Total distance: 70 laps; 306.63 kilometers (190.53 mi)
Biggest winner (drivers): Lewis Hamilton (8)
First: Lewis Hamilton · 1: 36: 12.473; Mercedes
Type and length: Permanent installations; 4.381 kilometers (2.72 mi)

Initially the Hungarian Grand Prix had to be an urban race in Budapest but, after considering it, it was finally decided to hold it on the outskirts of the capital, on a purpose-built track called the Hungaroring. The works on this circuit, located in a valley, were completed in 8 months and its first race welcomed some 200,000 fans. Great views are almost a no-brainer here, as you can see 80% of the trail from the highest points. With a length of 4.3 km, this circuit is one of the shortest in Formula 1 and its winding layout does not facilitate overtaking. You can expect a spectacular atmosphere, as the entire city is a party this weekend and fans flock to share their excitement.

The structure of the Hungaroring circuit makes it an excellent place to watch the race, as the stands are mostly elevated. One of the best spots is the Gold 1 Grandstand, which provides exclusive views of the post-qualifying interviews, the podium and a glimpse of the top teams' garages. The Super Gold Grandstand is another great spot, offering great views of the pit stops and ideally located in front of the teams' garages. To top it off, it's the only covered bleacher and it's next to the fan area, meaning food and drinks are nearby. If you want to see overtaking, then the Gold 3 and 4 grandstands are your best option. This is where most of them occur and you'll be right at the epicenter of the action.

With such an exciting race, we want to offer you the best seats. Our packages include the Paddock Club, which provides you with VIP access and tours, and the Circuit Hospitality, where you can enjoy the event from an air-conditioned box, buffet-style catering and an open bar. Another interesting offer is the 3 Corner packages, a combination of seats in different areas each day. This guarantees you a panoramic experience, as you can follow the race from multiple angles. Of course, there are also the usual grandstands, including Super Gold, Gold, Silver and Red Bull.

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