GP SPAIN- Barcelona

The Spanish Grand Prix, one of the oldest motor racing events in the world, boasts of having broken into the motor world more than 100 years ago. It started at the Lasarte Circuit and since then it has traveled to different places in Spain such as Jarama, Pedralbes and Jerez until finally settling in 1991 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, on the outskirts of Barcelona.

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has been designed in a more modern way compared to traditional European facilities, and therefore Spain can be said to hold one of the best grand prizes in Europe for spectators. This means that one of the best views of all European circuits is enjoyed! A privileged place to watch the race is from the pit straight, in the main grandstand. A seat here guarantees you a great place to enjoy the race preparations, the start, the pit activity, and most excitingly, watch the checkered flag fly. If you prefer a seat from which to witness more action, such as overtaking, Grandstand K is an exceptional location, offering a great view of the inner perimeter and the first set of corners.

Following the race in the sun can be a bit tough, but you won't need to travel far to get a refreshment, as there are booths everywhere. This is what characterizes a good seat, along with the great views that each area provides. The VIP packages we offer include watching the race from a facility attached to the main grandstand that guarantees excellent views of the finish line. We also have grandstand tickets that will provide you with views of different curves on the circuit, depending on the grandstand you choose.

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