Euro Championship

The UEFA European Championship, more popularly known as Eurocup or simply Euro, is the most important international tournament of national football teams in Europe, organized by UEFA every four years. In its inaugural edition, the tournament received the name of the European Cup of Nations or simply the European Cup, to change to the name of the European Championship of Nations in 1968. It is from the 1992 edition that the nickname of Eurocopa or Euro. The teams with the most wins in this competition are Germany and Spain, with three titles each. The official ball is manufactured by the German sports equipment company Adidas.

Until the 1976 Euro Cup, only four countries participated in the final phase, reaching it after previous qualifying rounds. Since 1980 eight teams have made it, a number that increased to 16 competitors from the 1996 Euro Cup. All these teams participate after qualifying in a special process organized by UEFA with the various teams affiliated with that confederation; the only exception is the host team of each edition, which qualifies directly in its own right.


Germany3331972, 1980, 1996
Spain311964, 2008, 2012
France2111984, 2000
Czech Republic1131976

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