Moto GP Japanese

The Motul Japan Grand Prix is ​​for the avowed fan. An exhilarating circuit in a beautiful rural Japanese setting, only reached by taking an epic journey. Stay in dazzling Tokyo, take the infamous bullet train to and from Utsunimaya and enjoy one of the great races on the MotoGP calendar.
Japan, a country with a rich motorcycle racing heritage, prides itself on proclaiming itself one of the world's largest motorcycle manufacturers. Not surprisingly, its first Grand Prix took place in 1963 at the Suzuka Circuit, which hosted the races for many years before being replaced in 2004 for safety reasons, as its corners were too tight. As a result, it underwent some modifications, which caused the competition to move to the Twin Ring circuit in Motegi. Since then, this has become a permanent fixture on the MotoGP calendar. Located in a mountainous setting north of Tokyo, the circuit is part of a complex that features various visitor attractions, such as the Honda Fan Fun Lab and go-kart racing.
Nestled amongst the vast natural beauty of the North Kanto district, the loop consists of a 1.5 mile oval and 2.9 mile loop built to international standards. It was built by Honda as the definitive test facility in 1997 and the road circuit became the home of MotoGP in 2000. The oval is designed to introduce American motorsport culture to the country. The circuit is a major attraction for motorsport fans throughout the year as it is home to the Honda Collection Hall, a museum that houses a collection of motorcycles and racing machines from all eras. The complex also includes a safety and riding school, dirt track, go-karts, hotel, restaurant, shops and event rooms.
The Japanese Grand Prix will make you feel really at home and live all the passion of racing together with the rest of the fans. In addition, it will allow you to discover the homeland of leading companies such as Honda and Yamaha. The circuit has a total length of 4.8 km. Its longest straight runs downhill and is followed by a 90-degree right-hand corner. This is an extremely exciting section of the track, as it is one of the most common points to overtake. Speed ​​lovers will enjoy this part of the circuit to the fullest, as it offers excellent views of all the action starring the different rivals.
With this luxurious backdrop and a track designed to thrill, we want to further enhance your MotoGP experience by offering you great seats. Choose one of our grandstands and you will have excellent views of the track. Among the different options at your disposal, each one with a different perspective, is the Main Line; you will witness all the excitement of the track and the famous 90 degree curve. It will be a once in a lifetime experience! Of course, there are also general admission tickets, which give you complete freedom to choose where you want to watch the race from.

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