Moto GP France

Hardly any other city in the world has such a strong link to the sport of motorcycling as Le Mans, France. The home of the legendary 24-hour sports car races has been on the MotoGP ™ calendar since 2000. The Bugatti Circuit, where motorcycling professionals compete, has 5 km of track and a capacity of up to 100,000 fans, in addition to being very demanding from a technical point of view, which promises exciting duels.

Apart from this circuit and the races that take place on it, Le Mans has something unique to offer. The nearby Loire Valley has many picturesque tourist attractions as well as excellent local wines. For those who want to visit historical monuments, there are a large number of castles and churches and a very well preserved Roman wall. All this constitutes an extraordinary plan to enjoy together with the Grand Prix de France of motorcycling.

The Le Mans Circuit plays an important role in the world of motorsport, having existed since 1965. The first Grand Prix was held in 1969 and since then it has hosted numerous events that have attracted thousands of fans. Although the track had to be modified for safety reasons after a major accident in 1995, the modern circuit has been one of the permanent appointments on the MotoGP calendar since 2000. This 24-hour track has hosted many other events, such as the French Touring Car Championship and GT racing. This, added to the atmosphere created by local fans - great connoisseurs of the event and passionate about racing - makes this event a spectacular event.
With this bustling environment guaranteed by the MotoGP French Grand Prix, you can be sure of an extraordinary experience. The Circuit de Le Mans has a capacity for 100,000 spectators and has a reputation for being a difficult track. This means that the first few corners will mark the race, as will the hard braking and extreme acceleration. Some of the corners will put drivers' skills to the test both when negotiating them and when overtaking their rivals. It is a fast circuit in which the participants reach breakneck speeds, which will definitely keep you glued to the seat.
The MotoGP French Grand Prix is ​​one of the most highly anticipated events on the calendar, so choosing the right seats is vitally important. Think big and get tickets to the MotoGP VIP Village, where you will enjoy first-class welcome services and, of course, privileged views of the race on the track. You can also take advantage of the various offers for groups, which allow you to purchase packages of two tickets so you can follow the race with your partner, three tickets to attend with a group of friends or even four tickets to go as a family. Of course, you can also opt for the grandstands, which include access to mechanics exhibits, evening concerts, and unreserved seating in the grandstand and general admission areas.


The Le Mans circuit (Circuit des 24 Heures) is located near Le Mans, approx. 237 km from Paris - Charles de Gaulle airport, approx. 205 km from Paris - Orly airport and about 10 km from Le Mans city center.

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