Moto GP Germany

MotoGP returns to the Sachsenring in June 2021: from June 18 to 20, 2021, the German Motorcycle Grand Prix will take place at the Sachsenring.
MotoGP Germany takes place at the Sachsenring circuit, located between Leipzig and Dresden.


The first motorcycle race dates back to May 26, 1927. The current circuit was inaugurated in 1996.
Throughout its life it has undergone several renovations, going from 8.7 kilometers in 1,961 to the current 3,671 meters.
The word Sachsenring means "Circuit of Saxony" in German.
The Sachsenring circuit is located in Oberlungwitz, 27 km from Chemnitz (Germany).
The circuit has a length of 3,671 meters and a maximum width of 12 meters, with a straight of 700 meters and with 13 curves, of which 10 are to the left and 3 to the right.
The route has a maximum slope of 10% and a maximum descent of 18%.
The altitude is 325 meters above sea level.
The maximum speed reached is 290 km / h, having been achieved by the Australian Troy Bayliss.
It has a capacity to host more than 200,000 spectators.
GPS coordinates: 50º47'22.83 ”N, 12º41'9.54” E
The German Sachsenring circuit is one of the shortest and most winding in the World Motorcycle Championship with a width of 3.671 meters and a main straight of only 700 meters. The layout is a litmus test for the tires and for the skills of the drivers.
The Sachsenring is another place with a great sporting tradition: car and motorcycle races on the roads near the city of Chemnitz date back to 1920 and have continued until 1990. Holding these events became increasingly difficult, given the the population density and the safety conditions for the pilots, so in 1996 the construction of the Sachsenring circuit was decided.
The new route was located about ten kilometers from the aforementioned German city and was used essentially as a learning center for pilots and a driving school. The circuit hosted its first Grand Prix in 1998. Since then, continuous infrastructural reforms have been carried out, among them the radical change in the layout of the track made in 2001. Its numerous and narrow curves make this circuit one of the slowest on the calendar but these same characteristics mean that there are never missing very close and highly contested races.
The Sachsenring circuit layout is 3,671 m long with a total mileage of 110,130. The circuit has a total of 13 curves of which 10 are to the left and the remaining 3 turn to the right. Drivers must complete 30 laps and can reach a speed of 293 km / h.
The Sachsenring is located in the city of Hohenstein-Ernstthal in Saxony, eastern Germany. The closest airports to the circuit are Dresden Airport (100 km), Leipzig / Halle Airport (140 km) and Erfurt Airport (150 km).

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