Moto GP Italy

The Autodromo del Mugello is in the heart of the magnificent Tuscany region and is just a short drive from Florence.
The spectacular Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello always offers incredible races against one of the most passionate and vibrant fans throughout the season. The circuit hosted its first MotoGP ™ event in 1976 and became a permanent fixture on the calendar as of 1991.
Located in a valley in the splendid Tuscan countryside, 30 kilometers northeast of Florence, Mugello is a modern circuit , equipped with infrastructures that enjoy great prestige. Owned by Ferrari since 1988, the 5,245-kilometer track has been entirely renovated to meet the most demanding criteria established in the field of competition.
Renowned for the variety of difficulties that its track presents, for its safety and for the charm of its surroundings, Mugello is a circuit unanimously appreciated and, at the same time, one of the most demanding for drivers and engineers. Its track cleverly combines the slow turns and fast corners, ups and downs that both riders and spectators love. This circuit hosted its first Grand Prix in 1976 and, after extensive remodeling, has been one of the permanent events on the World Cup calendar since 1991.
The Mugello Circuit is located in Scarperia, near Borgo San Lorenzo, approx. 34 km from Florence airport, 92 km from Bologna airport and 126 km from Pisa airport.The history of the Mugello Circuit or the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello begins like almost all historical motor circuits in Europe, at the beginning last century, more specifically in 1914 where the first test was held.
The First World War brought motor racing to a halt until well into the 1920s. At that time, the circuit had a 66-kilometer route and played major competitions, but always in the shadow of the prestigious Mille Miglia event.
It was not until the disappearance of the Mille Miglia that the Italian Mugello track once again hosted major tests on its urban layout from the 1960s. But time and safety needs led to the completion of a circuit in the 1970s. permanent as we know them today. Its distance was reduced to 5,245 meters but with one denominator, the different heights, with a difference of up to 70 meters between the different areas of the circuit. The circuit of the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello, which has remained unchanged since then, runs through the forests and hills of Tuscany, making it one of the most beautiful circuits in the world.
Since then, it has hosted Formula 1, Formula 3000, Motorcycle World Championship and Superbikes, among others. With a total distance of 5,245 meters and a width of about 14 meters, the Mugello Circuit is made up of 15 curves, 6 to the left and 9 to the right.
Among them, there are names that are part of motoring history, such as San Donato, Casanova-Savelli or the well-known Arrabbiata 1 or Arrabbiata 2, without forgetting the Correntaio curve. Its main straight is more than 1 kilometer long, exactly 1,141 m and "street" motorcycles can reach 300 km / h as we can see in the following video. MotoGPs have reached 354.9 km / h in 2016 in the hands of Andrea Iannnone's Ducati.The Mugello Circuit or the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello can be considered one of the most spectacular circuits in the world, both for its famous curves As for its long straight, for the maximum speeds that are reached or for its rapid steps around the curve, without forgetting its beautiful location. The picturesque area of ​​Tuscany called Mugello is located in the northern part of the region, a few kilometers north of the province of Florence. This wide green valley of the Sieve River that flows through this valley, has fed the vegetation and wildlife that grow here.

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