Moto GP Valencia Cheste

The Valencian Community Grand Prix debuted on the MotoGP calendar in 1999, the year in which the construction of the venue was completed. Since then, it has hosted this event every year, attracting large crowds of fans to its 150,000-capacity circuit. The layout was designed to reflect the style of the stadium, which is in the favor of the spectators as they can follow the races 100% from the stands. Therefore, you will not miss an iota of the action that takes place on the track and you will fully experience the atmosphere.
The Ricardo Tormo Circuit has two curves named after two extraordinary Spanish riders, Jorge Martínez Aspar and Ángel Nieto. Both made significant contributions to the prestige of the Motorcycle Grand Prix in Spain. Apart from that, the extreme complexity of the track and the fantastic facilities have made this circuit popular with drivers and fans, as they know with certainty that exciting races await them. The first corner of the circuit is one of the most popular and one of the steepest you have to be. Located at the end of the main straight, it is usually one of the usual points for overtaking that the protagonists take advantage of to try to get ahead.
With an enclosure built to offer great views of the race, any seat will ensure maximum fun. Think big, choose the MotoGP VIP Village and get ready to receive VIP treatment. Delight in exquisite catering and bar service throughout the day, and gain access to the Paddock and exclusive tours. Alternatively, you can choose any of our grandstands, which give you access to the circuit throughout the weekend. Select the grandstand you prefer according to the perspective you want to have of the track and enjoy three full days of pure emotion. All the grandstands are located around the circuit and each one guarantees you a different view - but equally excellent - of the action that happens on the track.
Since its inauguration on September 19, 1999, the Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo has become an emblematic space. A commitment to sport that places the Region as a point of reference in the motor world.

Throughout its history it has received numerous awards that place it among the best circuits on the current scene. It has been awarded on different occasions as the best organization in the most important motor racing competitions: three awards in the Motorcycle World Championship (IRTA BEST GRAND PRIX in 2003, 2004 and 2006), two in the organization of the World Superbike Championship (2000 and 2006) and one for the best Truck Grand Prix in 2001.
A circuit inside a stadium reflects the concept of the Circuit, built so that the spectators can fully contemplate the development of the tests. From the 65,000 seats in the stands you can see the entire layout, a quality that allows you to follow the races without losing detail of what is happening on the track.
The demanding layout and the excellent facilities have turned the Circuit into a motor nerve center, since between events, training sessions and various activities, it reaches 95% occupancy during the year. In addition to the MotoGP World Championship, it hosts the two most important touring car events, the FIA ​​WTCC Touring Car World Championship and the German DTM Touring Car Championship, Formula 3 and GT's events, the CEV Spanish Speed ​​Championship and the pre-season events of the Formula 1 teams.
Every year, the Valencian track closes the MotoGP season with an event that has become a reference for the 120,000 fans who fill the stands and in which the riders enjoy the technical characteristics of the track.

It is, in short, an installation at the service of the numerous Valencian motorcycling fans that throughout its history has received more than four and a half million visitors. A figure that shows the success of the project.
It is not just a racing circuit. It is a meeting point, a meeting place and, above all, fun, with friends, with family. For this reason, the Circuit management prepares complementary activities in each event, so that the fans participate, enjoy themselves.
Thus, the Circuit transcends the field of competitions to become a playful space for fans.

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