Moto GP Spain

The Jerez Circuit, located in southern Spain, was built in 1986 and made its debut on the MotoGP calendar the following year. This circuit was the first to include a motocross track on a permanent speed circuit, and the experts were certain that it was going to become one of the most spectacular in the world. With a length of 4.4 km, the circuit has a total of 13 curves that combine different speed ranges. This gives drivers more opportunities to overtake and rev the engines in an attempt to outshine their rivals. The MotoGP event in Spain has proven to be a dynamic event that attracts crowds of fans from all over the world.
With such a colorful award set against the backdrop of the sunny Andalusia region, it's no wonder Spain's MotoGP event is a favorite with fans. Beautiful views and good weather are guaranteed, since the circuit is located in the middle of a mountainous area. With these fantastic conditions and a circuit designed to impress, this is one of those races you can't miss. The A10 grandstand is the ideal place to witness key moments, such as the last attempt to catch up with the rivals, as it offers views of the last corner and the drivers enter the final stage at high speed.
There are many great venues at the Spanish GP, and the MotoGP VIP Village is a very good option. It offers you access to exclusive courses and the Paddock, as well as a gourmet catering service and bar throughout the day and, of course, first-rate views of the race at the foot of the track. You can also choose from the reserved seating grandstands, which provide different perspectives on the action unfolding on the track as drivers navigate the curves and straights of the track, the unreserved grandstands or the general admission area.

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