The Grand Prix of the Americas debuted on the MotoGP calendar in 2013 at the Circuit of the Americas. Designed by Herman Tilke, this circuit has curves and chicanes similar to those of other MotoGP tracks in the rest of the world. The exciting combination of fast straights and tight corners makes this track unique as it offers spectacular moments on the track. Housed in a new avant-garde facility, it has a maximum capacity of up to 120,000 fans, which means that you will be surrounded by a huge crowd of people with whom to share your passion and cheer on your favorite teams. This, added to the fact that Austin is a vibrant city with a bustling nightlife and incredible gastronomy, make this MotoGP race a date that you cannot miss.

The Circuit of the Americas - one of the great favorites among drivers and fans - has 20 corners, some of which have influenced the design of other tracks. It is also one of the few paths that is traversed in the opposite direction, along with those of Marina Bay and Yas Marina. This presents a greater difficulty for the pilots, since it has more curves to the left. One of the most challenging sections of the track is just the start, as the drivers have to climb a slope with more than 11% incline to reach the first corner. This is the highest point on the circuit, which then passes through a series of fast sections before working its way through the rest of the winding track.

You have a multitude of seats to choose from and you will undoubtedly want to select the most suitable ones for you. Choose between the MotoGP VIP Village, which gives you access to exclusive routes and the Paddock, or our Hospitality packages: Cota Paddock or Suite in the main grandstand. Hospitality packages put you in a prime spot to enjoy all the exciting action that takes place on the track and also give you access to what happens behind the scenes, both in the paddock area and in the garages of the teams. Alternatively, you can opt for the starting grid grandstand, located on the main straight and with fantastic views of the start / finish line and podium celebrations.

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