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Motorcycling racing was first introduced in the Netherlands in 1925, but it wasn't until 1949 that they made their official debut on the MotoGP calendar. This event, the oldest on the calendar, is held at the highly regarded Assen TT Circuit, also known as "The Cathedral of Motorcycling" among MotoGP fans. This celebrated circuit, located not far from Amsterdam, prides itself on being the only track that has hosted the MotoGP race every year without fail since 1949. Thousands of motorcycling enthusiasts come from all over the world to attend this legendary event each anus. Despite its idyllic setting, the peaceful Dutch countryside, you can be sure that the atmosphere will be electrifying for the duration of the race.

The historic Assen TT circuit has a length of 4.5 km and a total of 18 corners. The track is fast and quite tight, which requires great braking skills from the drivers to avoid putting too much pressure on the rear tires. There are numerous seats offering fabulous views to watch the race, including those in the Strubben grandstand. Located at the end of the main straight, this high speed zone offers a panoramic view of the entire circuit. As an alternative, the Ossebroken Grandstand offers fantastic views of the tight turn of TT de Assen, making it always a great place to enjoy the fast-paced action on the track. This is one of the places where spectacular overtaking usually occurs!

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The racetrack was inaugurated in 1955 with a length of 7,705 meters.
Throughout his life he has undergone several reforms. In 1984 it was 6,134 meters, in 2005 it was reduced to 5,997 meters and in 2006 it was reduced to 4,750 meters.
Finally, in 2010 the first part of the circuit was redesigned, going to the current 4,542 meters.
The circuit is also called "Van Derthe". The official name is TT Circuit Assen.
The circuit is located in Assen (Holland), 193 km from Amsterdam.
The circuit has a total length of 4,542 meters and a maximum width of 14 meters, with a straight of 487 meters and with 18 curves, of which 6 are to the left and 12 to the right.
The route is completely flat, without unevenness.
The altitude is 15 meters above sea level.
The maximum speed reached is 312 km / h, having been achieved by the Italian Marco Melandri.
It has a capacity to accommodate 100,000 spectators, of which 64,500 are in seats.
GPS coordinates: 52º57'32.53 ”N, 6º31'36.51” E

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