One of the integral part of the stay depend son the type of accommodation, which will make an overall enjoyment of the trip.

Very different possibilities are available, but we are very careful when recommending the accommodation. Generally speaking, we work with our preferred 4 and 5-star ones, which includes not only hotels but also boutiques, convents, converted monasteries, restored olive mills and farmhouses.

"We tend to recommend those properties that best reflect the local environment, but always favor places that offer the very best in standards and service. Whatever style you prefer, we can always recommend the ideal accommodation to suit your taste."




Our multiple relation with the promoters and the owner of them offers us not only the possibility to get the best located suites and rooms within the property but also special negotiated rates. We are able to provide a wide range of added values during the accommodation, like complementary upgrades and other welcome amenities such as special gifts and hand-written notes from the managers.

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