A combination of meetings and leisure.
What is the purpose of an incentive trip? What are the benefits and advantages involved? How are they organized?

Known as one of the most powerful motivational tools, it is used for companies to reward or motivate staff by cultivating informal relationships. It is a planned activity that seeks to create and stimulate interpersonal and work relationships in a work group or to reward a job well done. In other words, it is a cost effective way to increase workers productivity.

They can be divided into two modalities:

  1. For group: seeks to foster links and relationships between the members of a department or work group.
  2. For individuals. normally seeks to reward a worker for certain achievements.
What does it take to make an incentive trip a success?

It is essential to have the following parameters:

-Management and operational capacity of the travel agency for the correct organization and development of the incentive trip.

-Correct choice of destination, according to the needs and objectives of the company and the profile of the participant.

-Knowledge of the destination by the organizing agency

-VIP treatment to all attendees, in order that they feel valued and awarded.

-Meet expectations

-Offer complementary activities to promote team cohesion and personal relationships.

-Design a program where the emotional experience plays a fundamental role in creating memorable bonds with the participants.


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