A dynamic hard working person who is enthusiastic, passionate and open minded. The key piece for the engine to work perfectly. A must in every company.

Why were you attracted to work in the world of tourism industry, specifically to the sport travel sector?

My passion for sports started very young watching my older brothers playing soccer every weekend. When I got the opportunity to work for Ticketing Emotions I was over the moon! It’s so rewarding hearing your clients’ feedback after watching their favourite team, player or driver and having their lifelong sports moment come true.

What are some of the highlights from your career in sport travel, at Ticketing Emotions?

Standing in Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford Stadium while hearing the "You'll Never Walk Alone" song is a dream come true. I’m a passionate Premier League fan. In addition, I must admit that to watch the UEFA Final Champions League at Estadio da Luz de Lisboa was an experience I’ll never forget!