The Grand Slam season begins at the Australian Open, where fans from across the globe come for stellar tennis and a laid-back atmosphere in Melbourne.

It is the first of the four official tournaments that make up the Grand Slam of tennis. It takes place every January at the sports complex located in Melbourne Park, in the city of Melbourne.

The tournament was created on November 17, 1905 and was called the "Australasia Championship", from 1927 it was called the "Australian Championship" and in 1968, the year in which the open era was introduced and the participation of professional players in the tournament, it was renamed "Australian Open".

Its first editions as the Australian Open were played on the grass courts of Kooyong, in the southeast of the city of Melbourne, but in 1988, and due to the loss of notoriety, it was decided to move the competition to its current location in Melbourne Park.

Like the other three Grand Slam tournaments, the competition is divided into categories, with individual and doubles categories for both men and women, as well as mixed doubles (that is, pairs made up of a man and a woman), in addition to competitions. for junior and veteran players. In recent years, competitions for wheelchair players have also been included.

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