The ATP Finals is the second highest tier of annual men's tennis tournaments after the four Grand Slam tournaments. A week-long event, the tournament is held annually each November at the Pala Alpitour in Turin, Italy.

Unlike the other tournaments that take place throughout the year, the Masters is not a direct elimination tournament. Instead, the eight participants are divided into two zones of 4 players each, in which each of them faces the other 3 tennis players in their group. After that, the two best-placed players in each zone advance to the semifinals, where the matches become eliminatory and define the two players who will play the final.

The score is distributed among the players as follows: In the first round, 200 points are awarded for each game won, if 3 games are won, they add up to 600 in total, if a single game is won, 200 points are awarded. When reaching the final, 400 points are added to those that have already been added, when winning the championship another 500 points are added. Therefore, if the tournament is won undefeated, 1500 points are obtained, being 600 from the first round, 400 more for the final and 500 more for being champion. If a first round match is lost, 1,300 points will be won; If you are a champion by losing two matches in the first round, 1100 points are awarded.

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