Every year Paris hosts this famous tennis tournament that always has surprises and exciting endings for its spectators. In this tournament Rafa Nadal stands out, who has won 12 titles at Roland Garros. Do you want to see Rafa Nadal playing at Roland Garros? Or would you like to enjoy a Federer match at Court Philippe Chatrier? We have the best seats waiting for you.

The French Open (in French, Championnats Internationaux de France de Tennis de Roland-Garros) is an official tennis tournament that makes up the Grand Slam, played since its inauguration in 1891 under the organization and protection of the French Tennis Federation (FFT). It is the main tournament held on clay in the world and the second in chronological order of the Grand Slams after the Australian Open. It is in turn the predecessor of the Wimbledon Championship and the United States Open and the only one of the four major tournaments held on this surface.2

The tournament runs for two weeks. It begins at the end of May in Paris, France, at the facilities of the Stade Roland Garros complex, and this is the main venue of the tournament since 1928. The final of the tournament is held on the Philippe-Chatrier center court which has a capacity of 15.059 spectators, the one with the largest capacity among the nineteen courts that the venue has.

It is one of the most important tournaments in the world and one of the oldest, it is recognized first in the aforementioned characteristics in competitions on brick dust due to its Grand Slam status. The surface offers a type of slow game. In case of reaching the five sets in the men's category, a tiebreaker is not played in the fifth and final but must be won by a difference of two games. This and other qualities lead it to be considered the toughest and most demanding tournament in the world due to the physical and mental demand for the player, along with Wimbledon. The public traditionally wears the toquilla straw hat.

The tennis player who has won the tournament more times in the men's individual category, with thirteen victories, is the Spanish Rafael Nadal —during the Open era—, followed by the French “Max” Décugis —during the previous period and under his name of the French Championship, with eight wins; while the women's individual category is dominated by the American Chris Evert who was proclaimed champion seven times during the Open era.

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